The Fastest Horses in the History of Racing


Who was the fastest horse in history?

While Man o’ War tops most lists, Secretariat is probably the fastest racehorse in history, the one that managed to clinch the Triple Crown 25 years after the previous winner.

Where do the fastest horses come from?

Most famous horses, including the fastest horse ever, are Thoroughbreds. All of the world’s Thoroughbreds are descendants of three stallions imported into 17th and 18th century England to crossbreed with English mares. Although Thoroughbreds are now found all over the world, the breed comes from England.

How fast can a racehorse go?

According to the Guinness Book of records, the maximum speed is 70.76 kilometers per hour. This record was achieved by the horse Winning Brew in 2008.

What killed Secretariat?

Secretariat was a truly legendary horse and one of the fastest horses in the history of racing. He died of laminitis, a painful and incurable hoof disease, at the age of 19.