The Complete Football Betting Guide


How do you bet on football matches?

In our football bets explained section, you can see all the types of bets you can place on football. The only things you need to do are find a match, choose the type of bet, and place your stake.

How do you make money on football betting?

There’s no sure way to get rich off betting. If there were, everyone would be doing it. However, there are smart strategies you can employ to minimise your losses and win more often – we’ve talked about them above.

What does a +1 handicap mean?

A +1 handicap means that the team in question will have a hypothetical one-goal advantage in the given wager. If you’re betting on the other team to win, that team will have a one-goal handicap and will have to win by at least two goals in order for you to win the wager.

Is betting on football profitable?

Many a football betting guide claims it can make betting profitable. In truth, there are no sure wins in gambling, but there are ways to increase your success rate. Football bets can be profitable if you’re knowledgeable as well as lucky – just make sure you don’t risk everything.