The Complete Guide to Basketball Betting


How do spreads work in the NBA?

Spreads are simply based on how many points a team can lose or win by to win a punter’s bet. Say the spread on your team is -2: your basketball predictions will bring you a winning bet if that team wins by a margin of at least three points.

Who are the safest operators for basketball betting?

There are many bookmakers to choose from, with new ones emerging by the hour. You can choose the ones that best suit you from our list of websites and apps.

What should I look for when betting on basketball?

We hope that our guide to betting on basketball was helpful. To recap, the key is always looking out for the best ways to bet on the game. This involves picking teams who are likely to win a match either with or without a spread/handicap (moneyline and spread betting). Some punters have also had luck with betting on total combined scores (over/under bets).

Betting on live games as they happen (in-play betting) or betting on futures and outrights is also popular. The latter can bring great rewards, but this type of basketball betting comes with more risks, especially if you are trying to pick a season winner before the season has even started.