The Ultimate Horse Race Betting Guide


What is the best bet in horse racing?

One of the best things about horse racing betting is that there are so many bets you can choose from. There is no single best bet. It all depends on your personality and betting habits. Are you a person who likes to get high payouts? Or are you satisfied with lower payouts and low risk? Since straight wagers are less complicated, they give you a higher chance of winning – but they yield lower payouts. Exotic wagers are riskier, but they can give you huge windfalls and get you payouts with six-figure value.

How do you bet on a horse successfully?

If you want to bet on a horse successfully, the first thing that you need to do is to understand the types of wagers that you are comfortable with making. Handicapping is also important, as it can help you make racing predictions. In the end, the more you bet, the better you will be – and the better the odds that you will be successful.

How do you read horse racing odds?

Reading horse racing odds is pretty easy. Odds are displayed in fractions or decimals. Both can be used to work out your payout amount. To understand how to calculate horse racing odds, scroll up to the section “How to Read Odds” of this horse race betting guide.