A Short Guide to Tote Betting


What does Tote mean in betting?

A Tote bet (also known as a parimutuel or totaliser bet) is a betting type where all stakes go into the common money pool. After the race finishes, all winning tickets share a percentage of the pot.

How does a Tote bet work?

The Tote comes in different variations, but the simplest one is Tote Win. Basically, you choose a horse you think is going to win. If your horse ends the race in the first place, you are automatically a winner.

What is Tote Place in horse racing?

The Tote Place is a type of Tote betting where you back a horse to place in one of the specified positions in the race. This means that your horse doesn’t need to win, but it has to place. The number of places depends on how many horses participate in the race, though it typically covers the winner and the runner-up.