Football Facts - Featured Image

Football Facts that Will Make Your Head Spin

We’ve amassed an extensive collection of tidbits and astonishing feats in football throughout the years.

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Golf Facts - Featured Image

Fascinating and Fun Facts About Golf

Are you curious to find out some intriguing facts about golf? If yes, check these stats and bits of trivia we’ve compiled for you.

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Horse Racing Facts - Featured Image

16+ Amazing Horse Racing Facts

Horse racing is one of the most entertaining sports with a long history and millions of fans worldwide.

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highest paid premier league players

Top 10 Highest-Paid Premier League Players

England’s Premier League is the most-watched and most lucrative football league on the planet.

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sports injuries

The Most Common Sports Injuries & How to Prevent Them

We all know the benefits of sports. Unfortunately, every type of sports career comes with a certain risk of injury, some more than others.

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match fixing scandals in tennis

Match Fixing Scandals in Tennis

Given the one-on-one nature of the sport, you’d expect match fixing scandals in tennis to be much more common than they are. Yet, you’ll be surprised to read how frequent they are.

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cricket facts featured image

23 Cricket Facts and Stats that Will Bowl You Over

Despite being the second-most-popular sport in the world, the gentleman’s game remains a mystery to entire continents. This article brings the sport closer to you.

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football betting sites featured image

Football Betting Stats for Wiser Wagers

If you want to place winning bets, you need a good grasp of football betting stats. The more time you spend analyzing each team’s strengths and weaknesses, the better your chances of placing winning bets.

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betting tips world cup 2022

Betting Tips for the World Cup 2022

Where there’s sports, there’s betting – and when it comes to the World Cup, conservative estimates place the number of bets in the tens of millions. Bookmakers have already set the odds for the 2022 championship in Qatar.

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The Fastest Horses in the History of Racing

From ancient Rome to contemporary Britain, horse races have attracted enthusiastic audiences. In this article, we’ll take a look at the fastest horses in the history of racing.

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Usain Bolt

50+ Historic Sporting Records

Some of the feats these amazing men and women have achieved will remain enshrined in global sporting folklore long after they are gone.

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Esports Stage

The Rise of Esports Betting

With the global rise of esports, betting was sure to follow. Today it’s unimaginable to see a betting site without at least a small section dedicated to esports.

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Horse Betting Thrill

Why We Bet – Top 3 Reasons

As veteran practitioners of the gambling arts, we’ve decided to open up our hearts and tell you all about the joys of betting, the rewards of predicting a binary outcome, and warn you about potential pitfalls.

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underage gambling featured image

The Dangers of Underage Gambling

With the expansion of the gambling industry to new mediums such as video games, our kids are exposed to more gambling risks than ever. To make things worse, some of these mechanisms are cleverly disguised.

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